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Mission to the Mound 2010

March 26, 2010

March 26, 2010

Val Antunes, Class of 2010, reflects on her experience of Mission to the Mound, held at the Sinsinawa Dominican Mound over spring break.

If I had to sum the Mound up in one word it would be “serenity.” The Sisters and the other people at the Mound do not feel the need to rush around. So many of the Sisters stopped us and asked how we were enjoying our time, what we were doing while there, or what we were studying at Dominican. I could tell they were truly interested in me and my background. The grounds reflect the community’s sense of peace. There are gardens, trees, and plants everywhere. I really can’t explain it adequately; you have to experience it for yourself.

Despite this sense of serenity and peace, the Sisters know how to have fun. They laughed and joked with us at meals. Sister Ellie acts more alive and is more engaged than most twenty-somethings I know. The last night we were there, we had a game night with the Sisters. We were so rowdy that others could hear us upstairs and down the hall. What I’m trying to say is that the Mound is fabulous. It is absolutely worth going. All of the hype is 100% true and the Mound bread really is as good as everyone says.


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