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Freshman Musings

November 1, 2010

November 1, 2010

Anne Glaza, Class of 2014, shares some freshman musings:

Hello everyone! My name is Anne, and I’m a freshman. That said, I don’t know much about Dominican University quite yet. I do know, however, that dinner is from 5 to 7 except on Fridays, one mustn’t wait until 5 minutes before class to print a paper (because everyone else is also printing theirs), the dorm room phones are confusing (and may accidentally dial 911 if you kick them in the middle of the night… bad story), Dominican sisters can always be counted on for a hug, the salad bar usually has tofu (good for picky vegetarians), and that people really are as friendly as they seemed during the admission “discovery days” last year. These are only a few of the things I have learned about Dominican in my two months as a student, and may I say that I am enjoying my time here very much!

One of my favorite parts of Dominican is the University Ministry program. All you have to do is walk into the warm and cozy Ministry Center to feel the aura of goodness and excitement. The whiteboard is covered with inviting messages about service opportunities such as “VAN OUTREACH: serve sandwiches with us!” or “Pray the Rosary for Immigrants.” Should you walk into the Ministry Center, chances are you will be welcomed by a member of SLAM, the (not-as-violent-as-it-sounds) name for the “Student Leadership and Ministry” program. Look for SLAMers in their black t-shirts as they work around campus – setting up for services, leading prayers, and serving bagels on the first Wednesday of every month. SLAMers are so much fun to be around.I know that if I need to be cheered up, I can talk to one of my friends on SLAM because they are reliable, friendly, and always ready with a smile.

The staff of University Ministry are also incredible. Shannon, Ann, Matt, and Sr. Patty are really awesome people—they are not merely “staff supervisors,” but they also plan, organize, inspire, carry out, and ensure the success of the University Ministry program. Along with all of that coordination work, these wonderful people are friends to any student, staff, or faculty member. They simply glow with the love of Christ. I have also run to them when I needed wise advice. Get to know them; you’ll be glad you did!

Here’s a simple reminder: On Sunday evenings at 7:00 there is Mass in the Rosary Chapel. C’mon, I know you have homework that is put off until then, but is 7:00 really a vital time in your Sunday? Of course it is, because you want to go praise God with your Dominican University family! Even if you are not Catholic, feel free to join us in giving glory to our universal, common God. Not only can you partake in the glorious celebration of the Mass, but by going to these services you will hear about all of the upcoming University Ministry events. For instance, I was reminded of the fantastic Founder’s Week fun when one of the Hospitality Ministers told me all about them in her announcement. If you really need any more incentive to come, I’ll also mention the treats and juice that are served at the delightful 8:00 reception… yum.

So, my new friends, this is what I, a freshman, have learned so far about University Ministry. Hopefully in the next months and through the next four years I will be able to share much more with you about the goings on at the Ministry Center. I hope to write about Ministry programs, service opportunities, Dominican history, and share my excitement for this wonderful place.

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