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Happy Birthday, Fr. Sam!

November 10, 2010

November 10, 2010 Founder’s Day – Happy Birthday, Fr. Sam.

Happy belated Founder’s Week everyone! I hope your celebration of Fr. Samuel Mazzuchelli was fun. Perhaps you even got a cupcake. I thought the Vespers prayer service on Thursday afternoon was absolutely beautiful. I have never heard a lovelier version of the Litany of the Saints than the one sang here at Dominican University. Images of Dominican saints paraded down the aisle as this gorgeous melody soared and the congregation chanted “pray for us.” All I could think was that our school must certainly be filled with people as holy and wonderful as the people of these images, notably St. Melissa Waters, OP. Her preaching was touching and genuine, as she always is to everyone she meets. I felt honored to hear her words of wisdom and to know that she counts me in her Dominican family. At dinner I had the pleasure of dining with friends in the spiffed-up social hall. The lovely table settings and real napkins were such a treat and true indicator of the extra-specialness of the day. The food was delicious, especially the cheesecake and coffee after the Italian main course. Yum.

Thank you, Fr. Mazzuchelli, for founding the Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters. Your work for God has helped so many people, including myself. Thanks to your hard work and the dedication of your order I am able to go to school in the most beautiful place, surrounded by the most wonderful people, and inspired by our most wonderful God. Thank you, also, for letting us celebrate you and your work. I am sure you can see how wonderful your order is, but for at least one week each year you come back and remind us of just how awesome the Sinsinawa Sisters are! Continue to fill our school with joy, commitment to service, study, community, and prayer, and caritas and veritas!

Anne Glaza, Class of 2014

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