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Breaking Open: Much more than a Bible Study

February 11, 2011

February 11, 2011 – Breaking Open:  Much more than a bible study

Picture this:  an assortment of college students gathered in a circle of couches, some dressed in work clothes, others in pajamas.  As more people enter the room, they smile and pull up chairs to join the circle.  They begin to play an icebreaker, and believe it or not, they enjoy it.  No one looks awkward or uncomfortable as they relax in the warmly-lit room.   Even though some of them have never been here before, you might say they are all friends.  Someone dims the lights and the students listen and watch as one person picks up her guitar and begins to play.  The words to the song she sings are projected onto the wall and the rest of the group begins to sing along.  Some sing their made-up harmonies while others just mutter the words to themselves, but it feels good just to say those things:   “God my God, I cry out…Savior, he can move the mountains…You are more than enough for me.”  That’s right, they are a prayer group.

Breaking Open is unlike any other prayer or meditation group I have ever attended.  Technically, it is a “faith sharing group,” so of course, everyone is welcome.  Not only is it relaxed and comfortable, but there is also no obligation to “ open up” or even say anything if you don’t want to.  This is the kind of group that likes to think deeply about what God is really saying to us through Holy Scripture.  Breaking Open’s discussions usually begin by reading the Gospel of the upcoming Sunday, though we never know in which direction that will take us.  Yes, we talk about deep things, but we also talk about real life.  After all, we are all students in college who experience the ups and downs of class, work, friends, family, and whatever else is going in the world.  And no, we are not going to shove any doctrine down your throat.  Come as you are and be ready to think.  We promise you will enjoy it.

Breaking Open was one of the first activities I attended as a freshman and I go back as often as I can!  Join us on Tuesday nights from 8:30-10:00pm in the University Ministry Center (Lewis 216).  Feel free to stay for the whole gathering or come for as long as you can.

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