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Lenten Reflection, the First Sunday of Lent

February 23, 2012

First Sunday of Lent – The Temptation in the Desert – Mark 1:12 – 15

Jesus in the desert has always drawn up quite the intense picture in my mind. It always overwhelms me when I attempt to fathom the idea of Jesus choosing to stay and endure the treacherous desert and, eventually, the perilous road to the Cross. How lonely, dark, and cold it must have been! In this Gospel, Jesus’ awareness and acceptance of John’s fate sheds light on the fact that Jesus is all too aware of His own pain ahead; yet, He chooses to charge forward in His proclamation of the Gospel and in His suffering in that terrible desert. Jesus makes a clear and conscious choice to embrace the horrific challenges ahead, one that guarantees grave agony and profound humiliation. Why does He do this?

In my life, sometimes the uncertainty the future brings can be frightening. Does happiness lie ahead? Will I be successful? Lonely? Content? Peaceful? Lost? What will I face in the days, months, and years ahead? These questions seem to be more pressing than even before, especially today when the security of our most basic needs seems to allude so many.

Our Lord knew what was awaiting Him in the future, but He pressed on. And, as I hear the Gospel this year in my life, I hold fast to the reminder of how Jesus overcame temptation and embraced the Cross out of love for us, for me. The idea is so powerful! He was able to undertake the unthinkable, when He must have been so scared and alone, because He knows love. He is love.

Jesus adamantly denies the allure of power and chooses, rather, to fervently share the Gospel, to share love, despite the horrific consequences, because He wants us to have it. This year, Lent will give me the opportunity to sacrifice not because it is something I have to do, but because I want to take advantage of the small opportunities this season offers to show God how much I DO love him. His suffering in the desert was not done in vain and it was not done alone. These 40 days will be a chance for me to show Jesus my love, and will serve as a model for me to charge forward into the often uncertain future. We are not alone. We have love, and this will never change.

-Natasha Teetsov, Residence Life

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  1. Brent permalink
    March 2, 2012 5:30 pm

    Profound love in the face of great uncertainty. Awesome.

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