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Lenten Reflection, The Second Sunday of Lent

March 2, 2012

2nd Sunday  Lenten Reflection — Mark 9:2-10

“Our God is an awesome God.” So many different faith traditions use this particular quote in their songs to profess their feelings and the ways that they come to know God. I grew up Baptist and throughout my studies at Dominican I have learned about the Catholic faith and how the power and love of God can be frightening yet awe inspiring. One of my greatest fears is intimacy, in particular emotional intimacy. I sometimes hold back my love of those in my life because I am afraid of rejection. I fear showing parts of me because I am not sure of how they would be received.

One of the greatest comforts of this particular gospel is how openly fearful Peter, James, and John were of the man that they had come to call Rabbi and follow no matter the initial fear.  Jesus took his disciples high on a mountain by themselves, a place where they had nothing left to do but trust that they would not be left for some misfortune to befall them.

In every call to relationship and trust in God, we face our own mountains and our own fears of what might be. The apostles who were with Jesus during his transfiguration were “greatly afraid” and “questioning” of what they had just been shown. As I have reflected on Lent and the meaning of this gospel, I think that God is calling us to fear not for the worldly desires we have and how they impact our interactions, but fear for who we might be without the knowledge of His love.

Throughout my Lenten journey, I have been facing intimacy with my friends and family as a way to better understand my relationship with God. If I weren’t meant to trust when I get to the top of the mountain and strange things begin to happen, then why would I have the urge to do so? Why would God give me the ability to engage in relationships that deepen my faith and understanding of the life he has revealed to me if He didn’t want me to explore it?

I used to hide myself in my fear. Exploring this Lenten journey has not made me unafraid; rather, I am afraid of different things now. I feel the fear of how much I leave behind when I find myself denying His call. I feel the fear of forgetting just how blessed I am to have the things that I have with the people I am fortunate to share them with. Most of all, I feel the fear of not knowing how to give to others when all they need is a little bit of the love that God shines on me every day. Now I know that the fear is only the precursor to wonder. On the other side of my fear is the radiance of God that I am ready and willing to accept and share with those around me.

Jessie McDaniel, Class of 2014

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