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“Home Away From Home” at Naz Farm

June 1, 2012


Katie Budz, right, with sister and fellow Dominican student, Missy Budz, shares a reflection from her experience at Naz Farm.


Nazareth Farm was a great experience that opened my eyes to a different way of living in which faith, service, and community are prominent.  Being surrounded by the beautiful mountains and wonderful people at the farm has made me realize how much I didn’t pay attention to my surroundings and was almost ignorant to seeing God in nature and others.  I was surprised that living simply was an aspect of this experience that really affected me.  Living without the distractions of technology, knowing the time, and the overall busyness of life has allowed more time for prayer, relationships, and just seeing God’s presence in my life.

Doing home repair – replacing an old roof, putting in underpinning, and siding a house – has allowed me to learn a lot of new skills, have fun, and serve those who are in need.  Doing this kind of service in Appalachia has made me realize that service is mutual.  Getting to know some of the homeowners and forming relationships with members of the community was really special and made for some great experiences and conversations that I will never forget.  For instance, I met Dave who shared his talents and love for music by performing “Free Bird” for my work crew and I.

Community night also proved to be a great experience.  Hearing the struggles and stories of faith of members of the community was very touching and inspiring.  My whole experience at the farm has helped me to become more comfortable with sharing my faith and has allowed me to have an experience of a lifetime.  In just a week at Nazareth Farm, I have experienced an overall feeling of community, acceptance, and faith-sharing that I have never experienced before.  Nazareth Farm has given me the chance to grow spiritually, serve others physically, and get to know some pretty awesome people.  Naz Farm is truly “home” away from home. 

Katie, Class of 2014, is a Natural Science major and a student athlete at Dominican University.

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