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Kindling the Dominican Light: Dominican College Preaching in Action Conference 2012

September 7, 2012

Reflection by Tina Cisarik, Class of 2013

When I received the opportunity to attend the Dominican College Preaching in Action Conference last month, I was immediately excited to grow and learn with my fellow Dominican college students from all across the nation. The week’s events not only met my expectations, but rather went well beyond what I had hoped for. Together, we sang and danced, prayed and served, and immersed ourselves in all things uniquely and beautifully Dominican. Our week together became so much more than a traditional conference. In fact, it held all the familiar aspects of a family reunion. From the shared meals to the late-night laughs, to the group activities and the family history lessons — it seemed as if we were all together from the very start.

As our group parted ways to head back home all across the country, it donned on me how truly connected of a community we are, regardless of distance. It was amazing for me to witness how just a few days united us even further in the Dominican charism, in the mission of the Gospel, and in our incredible need to nourish others.  It is because of these rewarding realizations that I can joyfully say:


I am part of a rather large and compassionate family. In fact, I have countless brothers and sisters — some that I have been blessed to know, and many of whom I have yet to meet. We are not of alike blood, but of alike heart, spirit and mission.  We are united under the motto of Laudare, Benedicere, Praedicare – “to praise, to bless, to preach”.  And it is because of our togetherness, because of our “family reunion”, that I am more confident in my own ability to bring about Dominican light and love in all that I do. As I go forth into all of my tomorrows, it is this gift that I will carry with me and always hold so dear.

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