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It’s a New Year – Carpe Diem!

January 11, 2013

It’s the New Year, and a time when many of us make resolutions: to spend less time on Facebook, to exercise more, or to be nicer to that one person who always seems to be the expert at pushing our buttons.

For 2013, how about a resolution to take a chance – a leap of faith – and do something out of the ordinary?  To actually do it, rather than say it’s something you’d like to try “someday”?  Why not experience a trip that will help you discover something new about yourself and the world around you?  To look deeply into the lives of others, and give one week seeing how you might be called to change and be the change you wish to see in the world?

be the change

If we’ve piqued your interest, check out the 2 Alternative Break Immersion (ABI) trips offered through University Ministry this spring break.  We offer ABIs during each of the academic breaks – fall, winter, spring, and summer.  These trips are taken to places all over the country for the purpose of engaging in service and learning about issues of social justice and how to create positive change in society.  They are also opportunities to build community, meet new people, expand your worldview, travel someplace new, and challenge yourself to grow personally and spiritually.

Over Spring Break, ABIs travel to Kansas City, Missouri and Atlanta, Georgia.

Atlanta Trip 2012 - Tutoring at the Global Village School

Atlanta Trip 2012 – Tutoring at the Global Village School

Megan Knape, ’14, has been a participant on two ABIs at Dominican, and reflects on her experience in Kansas City last spring:

I’d like to share about my experience on last year’s Spring ABI trip to the Cherith Brook Catholic Worker House in Kansas City.  One of the highlights of the trip was halla bread!  Halla bread is Jewish sweet bread.  None of my group had ever had the bread before but we all fell in love with it and would stand around in the kitchen after a long day of working, breaking off pieces of the sweet bread and sharing stories about our day and our lives.  None of us knew each other very well before the trip, but we began to form friendships and became a nurturing, lively community.  Breaking bread together reminds me of how Jesus shares his life with us every week when we receive him in the Eucharist.


Megan and other Kansas City participants sharing a snack and stories from their day.

Megan and other Kansas City participants sharing a snack and stories from their day.

The halla bread was also a sign of the Catholic Workers’ commitment to living simply and trusting in God to provide.  Cherith Brook relies on food donations from bakeries, restaurants, and stores in the area in order to serve breakfast to the homeless in their community.  They rely on their faith that God will provide through the generosity of others.  This way, they can spend the majority of their time serving others and spending time together, and a minimal amount of time working at a paying job.  Cherith Brook knows from experience that when they have certain needs to keep their community outreach going, God has provided.  Likewise, from the great experiences of other mission trips, I felt called by God to go on this mission trip last Spring.


If you feel the urge to experience a different way of living and to spend time with the poor, please apply to go on this ABI trip.  You will find yourself refreshed and your outlook on life widened.  This year, Andrea Hinojosa is leading the trip to Kansas City and I am leading the ABI trip to Atlanta.  Consider looking into either trip, because both will be incredible.

Kansas City 2012

Kansas City 2012

For more information on ABI trips, stop by the University Ministry Center (Lewis 216) any time.  Applications are due January 16th to Matt Palkert in University Ministry (Lewis 216), and you can print one by following this link:

Consider giving just one week of your life to an ABI experience – you just might find yourself, and the world around you, transformed.  Carpe Diem!

Kitchen Craziness in Atlanta, 2012

Kitchen Craziness in Atlanta, 2012

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