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Making Room…and Staying Awake!

February 25, 2013

2nd Sunday of Lent Reflection
By Tory Nogle, Class of 2013
Luke 9:28-36 – The Transfiguration

As a college student, becoming tired is a common occurrence. We wake up every day, go to classes, get our work done, and inevitably stay up well into the morning. In this gospel, we see that Peter, John, and James become sleepy and only when they were fully awake could they see the glorious splendor of Jesus and his companions. All too often, we are too busy working towards the end result to be fully present and awake in the moment and we get tired of the journey. Lent is not just 40 days before Easter, but rather 40 days of prayer, community, and contemplation, that culminates in the Easter season.

This is my last semester at Dominican. I am completing my clinical practice, also known as student teaching, this semester. I have never been so tired and overwhelmed in my whole life. I wake up every morning, pull myself together, get to school, teach, plan, sleep, and do it all over again. I normally think to myself, “just get through this week Tory, you can rest this weekend.” Just like Peter, John, and James, I became sleepy. Then, all of a sudden, I have one of those amazing teaching moments, a moment that makes me so excited to be teaching and reminds me why I love what I am doing. I am able to see how awesome this is and how much passion I have for teaching despite the workload. When I was reading this gospel, I realized it relates to something we all go through. We need to be open to beauty and the glory that is our faith.

We can miss so much if we let ourselves fall asleep spiritually. Our lives are full of things that allow us to do so. Things like stress, technology, temptations, and unhealthy relationships all find ways to sneak into our lives and take over. We do not like silence because we think we can be using this time more wisely. When there is a silent moment in class or a conversation, giggling normally follows or people awkwardly looking around. You know they are thinking, “Please someone say something,” and, guess what, you are thinking the same thing. In the March issue of Sojourners magazine there is an article called, “Finding God in the Depths of Silence” which addresses our busy and distracting society. In this article by Richard Rohr, he states that, “The ego gets what it wants with words. The soul finds what it needs in silence.” Though we may sometimes find ourselves becoming sleepy in our faith or our relationships, when we are able to wake up and be fully present we can see the gifts that we are given through our faith.

This Lent, I want to be able to make room in my heart and have those silent moments to let God speak to me like he spoke to Peter, John, and James. We may fall asleep along the way, but it is important to remember that when we are fully awake and present to the moment, that is when grace speaks to us and we are able to listen to God’s message.

Wake up!

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