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All Soul’s Day – Student Reflection

November 1, 2013

Nov. 2nd | All Soul’s Day | written by Tori GoodmanImage

Wisdom 3:1-9 | Rom. 5:5-11 | Jn 6:37-40

Lately I’ve felt that death has been a central theme in my past couple of months. Although no one in my family has recently passed away, death’s presence has affected me through different layers of acquaintances and friendships. I have seen and taken part in my community’s mourning of a fellow high school classmate, someone I struggled in eighth grade math with and who made my morning bus rides more bearable with his crude humor. I revisited the death of my band and chorus teacher on the anniversary of her passing. After a year of her absence, I am only beginning to understand the impact that she had on me and how fully she shaped my life. One of my closest friends has just learned that her younger cousin might be at risk or already have the same type of cancer that just took their grandmother less than a year ago, and another friend just lost a central figure in his life.

It is easier to accept death when it eases suffering, when the family has had time to say goodbye, or when the person can look proudly back on the life and find the strength to face the unknown. It is much harder to be accepting and see past the horrible suffering and sadness caused when a life is suddenly and tragically taken, leaving gaping holes in its absence. As we celebrate All Souls’ Day, I find it comforting to know that we are all connected in Christ’s love. In the passage, God reassures us that since Christ died for our sins, our souls are saved and that we will one day be reunited with God. As a church and a people, we can come together to honor the lives who have already moved on, along with reflecting on those lives to sometimes glean motivation and comfort for our own. As you’re remembering the deceased, especially the loved ones that you knew by name, remember that all are at peace and that one day we will join them.

Tori is a member of SLAM’s Service and Justice Team.

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