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Feast of Christ the King

November 24, 2013

LK 23:35-43

How do we confront unjust treatment? How do we face feelings of isolation? In these last couple months, I know many people (including myself) who have had feelings of hopelessness.  As we look to the scripture, Jesus reminds the man that hope can be found in God in all times of our lives.

This month has been very stressful for me. I have had feelings of extreme anxiety, feelings of doubting myself as a person, and overall feelings of being lost. I have asked myself and questioned in general “Where is God?” If God can help me, then why should I suffer? In times like these I remember what God means to me. To me God is the authoritative parent that gives you the freedom to make choices, but hopes you can come to conclusion of what is right and wrong. God walks with us when we have fallen and when we have stayed with him all along.  God is there in the time of suffering and the time of joy. The man in the scripture asked for God’s deliverance and Jesus promises to be with him. He knows that God walks with us in times of struggle and strength.

This Advent season I would encourage each of us to acknowledge God’s presence. God’s presence in sadness and God’s presence in joy – for God came to live among us.

The following was written by sophomore Abel Orizaba who is part of SLAM’s Community Outreach team. 

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