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Living Word

December 6, 2013

The following piece was written by Ela Dworzecki, a current Community Outreach SLAMer! Thanks for your thoughts, Ela! 

Mt 7:21, 24-27

           Thinking about this reading, I thought that just because you believe in something, or believe something will happen does not mean that it will. Along with that, just because you say something, it does not really mean that you truly believe in what you are saying.

            In this gospel according to Matthew, Jesus says to his disciples, that just because you call me your Lord, it does not mean you shall go to heaven. You have to act upon the will of my Father and then you shall enter the kingdom of heaven. As I mentioned earlier, just because you call Jesus your Lord, does not prove that you truly exercise his teachings.

           Just because you listen to someone speaking, does not mean that you are truly hearing what they are saying. If you truly are not listening, you then cannot act upon the truth that was spoken. This happened to me when I was younger in a very minimal way of course. In elementary school, a teacher would be giving instructions about an art or craft that we were about to do and I simply thought I should just get a head start but proceeding  to do Step 1 as she was still talking. She then said at the end that we were going to be doing this project tomorrow & that for those who were not listening to her full instructions would be disciplined.

           Connecting this to the gospel, if I had only listened attentively and acted when and how she told us to, I would be in a successful situation. Many people would be if they listened to the words of the Lord, and acted upon those words. Should not we all be listening to the Lord’s words and letting them become real in our lives?  We could then become the Living Word on earth.

        Listening and following through with the Word of God, during this holiday time with our family and friends, I plan to listen and truly hear what they are saying. With my family, we mainly see each other only on holiday. So when we do see each other, I will appreciate this time together a bit more. I will also listen carefully to see how my connection to God plays out in these relationships.

        Going back to the scripture, I ask you to contemplate – which part of God’s teachings are you being asked to act on this Advent season?

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