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Returning Home by Sara Seweryn

December 10, 2013

The reflection below was written by Sara Seweryn, a member of the Service and Justice SLAM team. Thank you for your insight, Sara!

Matthew 18:12-14

This passage from Matthew reminds me of many passages from scripture.  Many times Jesus reminds us that God our Father does not want to lose any of us.  Not only in this passage, but in passages like the Prodigal Son we see the Father rejoicing over the return of the lost son or “sheep”.  It is not that God is not happy with his sheep that stayed with Him; he is just also rejoicing to see the return of those lost along the way.

God knows that this life is not easy.  It is only human for us to use our gift of free will to make decisions that make it difficult to be with God.  These decisions may lead us down a long path away from the “flock” or our spiritual community.  As a college student, I know that it is sometimes hard to always do and say the right thing.  I know that during my time in college, I have made many decisions that have led me away from my community and faith.  This does not make you a bad person or a person unworthy of God’s love.  God is our shepherd – always trying to get all of the lost sheep back home to the rest of the flock.  It is important to remember that God will never abandon us, is watching over us, and hoping that we return home soon.

During this Advent season, try to return home to God.  Make amends with parents, friends, and others here on earth.  When I am home for Christmas, I will try to not just be home for the food and shelter, but be actually present and engaged in the joyous moments that are brought about during the holiday season.  This way, returning home will not be just a passive action, but a real return to my family, friends, and most importantly God.  Remember to fill your heart with love this Advent season.


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  1. Kennedy, Sr. Diane permalink
    December 10, 2013 10:15 pm

    Beautiful reflection, Sara. and thanks for your good assistance on Saturday. May your Christmas be blessed. Sister Diane Kennedy, O.P. ________________________________________

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