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God with Us by Hope Gutierrez

December 11, 2013

Hope Gutierrez is a freshman in the Student Leader and Ministry Program. Thanks for sharing your reflection with us, Hope!

Is 40:25-31

A question that many people ask themselves in a time of sadness or desperation is “Where is God in my time of need?” People often find themselves feeling alone in these times of desperation, but one must keep their faith in God; he is always there, guiding, never overlooking or forgetting any of us.

During such a stressing time of year, many of us will find that we have so much to do with so little time. We will have long and hard days, wondering where we can find God. Many of us will find ourselves exhausted and feeling alone, but we cannot forget that we are not. God will always be there, guiding us and giving us the strength to push forward. Our daily lives will not stop, and neither will God. We must find that God will be here for us even in the darkest of days to shed a light. And in this season, a light of hope.

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When we are down and ready to give up, we must find it within ourselves to get back up and keep going. God knows the hardships we are going through during such a busy time of year. We must have faith in God. We know that God’s light and strength is there to guide us. In today’s scripture in Isaiah, it says “Every valley shall be lifted up, every mountain and hill made low; The rugged land shall be a plain, the rough country, a broad valley.” Advent is the time to foster this consciousness and realize that God is always among us. It is in this time that our communities encourage us to focus on the God who is present – in the valleys, on the mountains, atop the hills, in the plains, and the rugged country. Let us be conscious of this and know that God is in the here and now always.

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