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Breaking Routines by Raunel Urquiza

December 17, 2013

Thanks to Raunel, a current freshman SLAMer for his contribution in this blog.

Matthew 21:23-2

As I write this, the weeks of school go by and we see projects, papers and presentations pass us. It seems that we stress over every single project and throughclasses we lose a sense of reality. We forget why we are going to school, why we pray and why we stay up late studying for the exam the next day.  These things become so routine, that we stop questioning what they mean to us and their effect on us.

Jesus faces the consequences of the routine when he talks to the chief priests and elders in the gospel of Mathew.  They ask him on what authority does he bless, heal, and teach others. The elders don’t know whether to call Jesus a prophet because he is doing all of this in the name of the greater good. His humbleness is part of the reason why he is seen as a prophet by others. Jesus’ vocation is a part of his everyday life with his goal being sharing his insight with other people.

When we become focused on our routines, we forget what greater purpose we have. We limit ourselves to a piece of paper. This changes the way we think. Instead of looking at the big picture of our greater calling we value ourselves by a paper we did poorly on or a presentation we forgot the lines to. We are bigger than our assignments but we forget that. We get lost in our thoughts.

The way I interpreted the passage is that sometimes people will not see the same reality that we see. Some people see things through a set of filters brought up by social norms that most people are afraid to break or unaware of.  This is where Jesus broke the mold, he did things outside the norm that challenged the thinking of men and women back in the day. This is why I challenge all of you to break out of the routine you create and take a different route to your next class (if you want to start of small). If you want to take bigger steps you can join a club with a friend or start talking to someone that is outside your social circle. We all have the opportunity to start somewhere.

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