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New Beginnings by Stephanie Zavala

December 23, 2013

Thanks to Stephanie Zavala for her reflection on the Christmas’ approach!

Matthew 1:18-24

As Christmas quickly approaches, so does the excitement and joy of spending time with our loved ones, sharing precious smiles and great food. Parents are hard at work in the kitchen, children chase each other up and down the stairs, while the rest of the family gathers around the table ready to celebrate the holiday spirit. For me, Christmas Eve is always filled with anticipation, waiting for my aunts, uncles, and cousins to come to our house with presents and food. Most of the day, I look forward to my family’s company and the little kid in me looks forward to the clock striking 12 so I can open my presents. However, I realize that when I think of Christmas, I don’t only think of it as good food and good company, I think of it as the final holiday of the season, as a way of saying goodbye to the year and finding relief that a stressful year has ended. The minute that the clock strikes 12 is the minute that that the stress ends. The running around that comes with cooking food for everyone and buying last minute presents is finally over, and we can sit and relax as the year comes to a close. This year however, I am challenging myself to think of this holiday differently. After reading about Jesus’ birth, I am challenging myself to think of this season as an opportunity to celebrate life and the opportunity to reinvent myself. I am challenging myself to use the holiday spirit as a guiding tool to remember that each and every day presents to us the chance to better ourselves and give birth to a new life filled with joy, courage, and an enthusiasm to be alive. Christmas is no longer the day to say goodbye to the past, Christmas is the day to say hello to the future.

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