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The Pursuit of Everlasting Water by Miguel Ortiz

March 21, 2014

Senior Miguel Ortiz spends time looking at the 3rd Sunday of Lent’s Gospel reading from John 4:5-42. Dive deep with him and explore the pursuit of everlasting water. 

 “whoever drinks the water I shall give, will never thirst”

In today’s gospel of John, Jesus is thirsty and asks the woman at the well for water. While Jesus is asking for water, he begins to explain to the Samaritan woman of everlasting water, water that will make it so she never thirsts again – water of eternal life. He recognizes that she is a sinner yet still offers her this water. The woman goes back into town telling everyone who Jesus is and that he is at the well. The people of the town of Sychar are so inspired that they come out to see Jesus.

During this Lent it is important to realize that we can all have eternal life. The woman at the well is indeed in need of healing; but Jesus still goes to her for water and offers her water of eternal life. We are all offered this eternal life, but like the woman at the well, we yearn for healing, so that we may receive the grace of relationship with God. Lent is a perfect time to receive that water from God so that we may never thirst for things that can’t fill us up.


So what is the “water”? The water that Jesus offers is – for me – happiness. We sometimes may “thirst” for more money, more things, better grades, etc. we continue to want more and want better. But we can’t quench our thirst for happiness with those drinks. The water from Jesus, will bring us wholeness and happiness in a new way. A way that opens us up.

During Lent many of us decide to “give up” something and this, for many, can become the biggest challenge of lent. We begin to immediately thirst for it. After Lent is over we drink and drink what we have given up, but we never can fully quench that thirst. We give up those things so that we may find the drink of everlasting life, so that we can find the water that will quench all thirsts.

How is what you are doing for Lent helping to prepare you for the water of everlasting life?

Dear God, in this Lenten season we ask you to walk us to you so that we may acknowledge our brokenness and cleanse us. Help us to realize that the water we drink will never quench our thirst, and give us a taste for your water—the water of everlasting life. Amen.

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