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Look Truthfully by Sheila Bauer-Gatsos

March 30, 2014

Professor Sheila Bauer-Gatsos reflects on this Sunday’s Gospel, John 9:1-41. All are invited to immerse themselves in the story and see how God is calling each to “see” in a new way as we RETURN throughout the season of Lent. 

“Not as man sees does God see,
because man sees the appearance
but the LORD looks into the heart.”


The scripture readings this week all focus on sight—on the need to watch carefully, to see clearly, to look truthfully.  It is more difficult than it sounds.  There are many things that impair our vision, that keep us from seeing what is real and what really matters.

In our media-saturated world, we are confronted every day by false images that focus entirely on appearance.  We see and accept as “real” images that have been distorted in ways that create false standards of beauty and unrealistic, indeed often unhealthy, expectations for our bodies.  We are encouraged to place greater emphasis on superficial ideals of beauty, on appearances, rather than on ideas, values and beliefs.  The sheer volume of images we see can cloud our sight.

We’re not just blinded by what we see, though, but also by what we do.  We live busy and hectic lives.  We rush from the work on our desks to our classes to meetings and back to our piles of work.  We see what’s right in front of us, what we must do next, what is in our way, but again, that is sometimes not what matters most.

Our ability to see may be impaired, but we are also lucky.  Here, through its mission and its vision for education, Dominican University helps to counter the messages and the madness of our daily lives.  We are given frequent reminders of what matters, opportunities to return to what is truly important, and calls to look into our own hearts and the hearts of others.

We can always do more.  When I read these lines from the scripture, I am reminded that my vision is faulty.   “Not as man sees does God see because man sees the appearance but the Lord looks into the heart.”

How can I try to see more clearly? How can I focus on what truly matters? How can I learn to look through God’s eyes?   How might my life be changed if I do?

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