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The Raising of Lazarus – a Gospel reflection by Diana Hernandez

April 7, 2014

Diana Hernandez, a freshman in the student leadership program in University Ministry, invites us to think about the areas that God is calling us to come to life. Read this past Sunday’s scripture (John 11: 3-7, 20-27, 33B-45) and reflect on it with her.

In this Gospel, Jesus speaks to us and challenges us to believe in the presence of God. When Jesus was notified that Lazarus was ill, he responded by saying, “the illness is not to end in death, but is for the glory of God.” When Jesus returned to Judea, he found that Lazarus had recently died. Lazarus’ sister, Martha, tried to blame Jesus by saying that if he had been there with them he could have saved Lazarus from death. This made me think about how sometimes we lose faith in God when we feel that he does not answer our prayers. Then, Jesus told his people that Lazarus would rise from the dead and live again. Jesus asked Martha if she believed that he was the resurrection and the life and whoever believed in him would live and never die.

This made me think about the time when my aunt passed away after fighting breast cancer for three years. Her husband blamed God for allowing her to die. I feel like sometimes we distant ourselves or fail to have a relationship with God because we feel like we are not given clues of God’s presence in our lives.

Those who loved Lazarus confronted Jesus and said, “Could not the one who opened the eyes of the blind man have done something so that this man would not have died?” Even today, many seek for visible evidence of God’s existence in order to believe that he is there with us – listening to our prayers. We believe when we feel and see a response.

The people of Judea needed visual evidence of God’s existence, so Jesus called out to his father and asked to help him give them a sign. Jesus visited Lazarus tomb and brought him back to life. Seeing this visible sign, the people started believing in Jesus’s words. They saw him as truly the Son of God.


So I invite you in this time of lent to quiet yourself and listen within – to feel God’s presence in your calmness and peacefulness, accept the invitation of extended life. Where is God calling you to come alive? Take a moment and think to yourself, what relationship do I have with God? When have I felt the closest to God? When have I felt the most distant to God and why?

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