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Make Time to Take Time to PAUSE

February 20, 2015


Kathleen Burns, Marketing Assistant for University Ministry, shares her reflection on the beginning of Lent and the upcoming PAUSE week.

The timing of PAUSE week is no coincidence. Even during the very first days of Lent, we start to feel our schedules, responsibilities, and those things that stress out us the most, seeping back into our lives and slowly fading our focus on the commitments we’ve made. This pattern is all too familiar and not exclusive to Lenten promises. We make goals or renew our focus to an important priority until our hectic lives take over so much that we eventually find it very stressful to keep up with the goal, or maybe even eventually forget about it altogether. I think we all can recall a time we gave up candy and television, promised ourselves to stick to a diet, or decided to change our attitude, and found that goal withered away in less than a month or so.

Now is the time to do it right. Now is the time to stick to the promise, keep that focus, and balance the busy schedule to do so. While committing and following through on a goal is no simple task, there are ways to make it easier. One of the most successful ways I’ve found to keep striving toward a goal despite the chaos of my daily life is to make time to take time to pause. As we jump from one thing to another, it’s so easy to forget what priorities matter the most. Whether it’s an hour, or a few minutes, taking time to ease our minds and re-focus our aim to what we want will help us reach the many ambitious goals in our hearts.

PAUSE week is just an introduction. It’s a taste of the many different tools we can use to pause in our everyday lives. From Aikido and meditation, to painting and praying, this week of pausing is meant to remind and inspire everyone to take time in their own lives to reflect, relax, and unwind. Participating in this week’s events is a great way to get into the habit of doing so. So join us! Come to as many events as you can, and let them strengthen you to keep going and reach whatever goals you have your sight on today. Remember, PAUSE week is just the beginning opportunity to make time to take time to re-focus yourself on those things most important to you.

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